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(digital/crypto) artist
(art director/conf speaker)
exhibiting worldwide from
Times Square to museums
to actual space.

Jæn's signature.
A dark yet colorful coral artwork.

About the artist 🌍 Exhibited Worldwide / Museums / Saatchi Gallery / Auction Houses 🛰 Directed the 1st NFT exhibited in the International Space Station with Dreame 💎 SuperRare / 6529 Memes / Fake Rares 🔺️Cult of CryptoArt 🤝 Commercial art for Disney / Diesel / PayPal / Google For Startups 🌜 As an artist, my obsession is to create a synergy between the concept or the story, and the form or aesthetics. Both should be facets of the same element. I often use surrealism, bold lines, glitch and my signature taste in colours to express emotions and ideas. My 1st solo exhibition in an art gallery was in 2011. I have since exhibited worldwide - and quite literally beyond, from Urban Spree in Berlin to Shibuya in Tokyo, from Mount Kilimanjaro to Beijing, from Times Square to the International Space Station. I've gone through an extensive exploration of what art is besides what I make today, including academic research (I wrote a Master's thesis on Murakami Takashi's art and relationship with Japanese history and philosophy), playing music in bands, street art and more. My work was featured several times in documentaries on TV, Behance's curated galleries and in a number of published books, including "Best Illustrators Worldwide 2018", Nwscty's "Decentralization, Please Save Culture" and Stickerbomb series. I speak at conferences globally, from the Institut Bernard Magrez in Bordeaux to NFC in Lisbon. 🎨 Mediums: hand drawing and painting, digital illustration, motion design, frame by frame animation, code, music composition, sound design, AI generation, code, 3D printing, AR 🧠 Inspirations: (lucid) dreams, nature, physics and metaphysics pondering, synaesthesia, surrealism, science, technology, human psyche, emotions 🥂 Collectors: 6529, Alotta Money, Arthemort, Basileus, Batsoupyum, BBA, Benoît Couty,Bharat Krymo, Bryan Brinkman, Claire Silver, Conlan Rios, CY, Darren SRS, Eclectic Method, Fanny Lakoubay, gCan, George Boya, Giannis Sourdis (greekdx), Gisel Florez, Goldcat, Grida, James Bloom, John Karp, Kaprekar, Kayvan Gaffari,Laurence Fuller, Lisa Fogarty, Monstero, NFTBiker, NooNeox, Path, Poseidon, ROBNESS, Sendr0ck, Shash, Showchicken, Stellabelle, untitledxyz, Vincent Van Dough, XCOPY, Yon, etc.

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