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(digital/crypto) artist
(art director/collector/curator/consultant)
exhibiting worldwide from
Times Square to museums
to actual space.

Jæn's signature.

NFT Glossary


NFT - SuperRare                         Tezos     Art Collæction

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Disney / Saatchi Gallery / International Space Station / Times Square / Diesel / Paypal / Google  Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide / Urban Spree / SuperRare / Tumo
Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez / Stickerbomb / Museums / Dreame

A dark yet colorful coral artwork.

     Exploring academic research, 3D printed and augmented street art, traditional drawing and painting, virtual reality, animation, AI, code and music, Jæn has turned into a full-time cryptoartist, carving his place in the best collections and curated platforms. Psychedelic, surreal and glitch aesthetics, storytelling and taking a place in the zeitgeist - namely the Digital Renaissance -  are the foundations of his work.

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