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Exhibitions (selection)

June 2024 - Group Show Oshi Gallery (Melbourne)

                     - Group Show Casa NUA (Sao Paulo)

May 2024 - Immersive art show & mockumentary Non-Fungible Conference (Lisbon)

                   - AR Group Show Non-Fungible Conference (Lisbon)

                   - Exhibition Curator Non-Fungible Conference (Lisbon)

                   - AR group show for Pictoplasma Festival (Berlin)

                   - Group show at FarCon (Venice Beach, California)

April 2024 - Group show at Oculus Center (World Trade Center, NYC)

                    - Group show at ArtsDAO (Dubai)

February 2024 - Group show at Iham gallery (Paris)


November 2023 - Group show on the giant screens of Times Square (New York)

October 2023 - Group show for PepeFest (Avant Galerie Vossen, Paris)

                          - Group show All Star Collectors (Saatchi GalleryLondon)

                          Group show ending Artcrush's World Tour (Ghent, Belgium)

September 2023 - Solo Conference on my art, NFTs and digital art (Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux)

                                 - Group show CryptoPunks immersive show at Beeple's Studios (Charleston, South Carolina)


July 2023 - Digital Art Group Show with Satyrus in front of the Modern Art Gallery (Villa Borghese, Roma)


June 2023 - Immersive audiovisual Group Show + co-curation with Cult of CryptoArt at NFC (Lisbon)

April 2023 - Group Show in public spaces all around the world with Artcrush (Tokyo, Lagos, Melbourne,
                                                Time Square, Amsterdam, London, San Francisco, Paris, Hong Kong, etc.

February 2023 - Group Show + co-curator with Cult of CryptoArt (Paris)

January 2023 - Group Show with Neal Digital Gallery (Beijing)

November 2022 - Hacked group show with Felix Felix Felix mobile gallery squatting Art Basel Paris +, HNFT,
                                 the Tate Modern, Non-NFT (Paris, London, Barcelona, Mexico)

                                - Public Group Show with Artcrush Project (London)

                                - Curated Selection Fake Rares / Rare Pepe legacy (Blockchain)

October 2022 - Group show at NFT Factory's opening with Fondation Pernod Ricard (Paris)

September 2022 - Group show billboard screens around the Armory Show (Time Square, New York)


May 2022    - Conference speaker & group show at Urban Art Fair "Street Art & the Metaverse" (Paris)
                      - Conference speaker & solo show at an introductory talk on NFTs  (Bordeaux, France)
                      - Group show at NFTLiverpool (Liverpool, UK)

April 2022 - Group show  in a collective piece inspired by Guernica, "Mariupol", for charity  (Lisbon)
                      - Group show & conference speaker at the Non-Fungible Conference  (Lisbon)
                      - Group show  at Point Ephémère (Paris)
                      - Group show Punkism in the gallery Iham (Paris)
                      - Group show at the Japanese virtual cryptoart fair NFT Festa (Metaverse)
                      - Group show & festival augmented reality art and concerts (Amsterdam)
                      - Group show at Nemesis (Metaverse)

March 2022 - Auction at Fauve for France's first ever IRL NFT auction (Paris)

February - March 2022 - Worldwide + International Space Station art exhibition as art director & artist with Dreame

January 2022 - Group cryptoart show with NFT Paris


November 2021 - Crypto art group show Dreamverse by Metapurse in Manhattan (New York)
                              - Crypto art fair by NFT Magazine in Time Square (New York)
                              - Group show with The Big Dream in Time Square (New York)

July 2021 - Group crypto art show at the annual Ethereum conference EthCC (Paris)


June 2021 - Solo virtual crypto art show with M0NA (Museum of NFT Art)  (Cryptoxels)


May 2021 - Solo virtual NFT show with Tara Digital Collective  (Artsy and Decentraland)


March 2021 - Virtual NFT group shows curated by Artificial Intelligence bot eNeFTee  (Metaverse)


September 2020 - Group street art exhibition at Cap Sciences, Bordeaux


December 2019 - Solo exhibition at the shop of the Museum of Contemporary Art CAPC, Bordeaux


July/September 2018 - Solo exhibition of augmented reality, paintings & illustrations, Oasis (Bordeaux)


May 2018 - Animated GIF exhibited in Pictoplasma Festival's opening (Berlin, Germany)


April 2018 - Polaroid and illustration installation for Expolaroid in Le Volcan (Bordeaux, France)


November 2017 - Jury for drawing contest #TaFeuille, Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac (Pessac, France)


May 2017 - Group show "PopTales" in Berlin, as part of the Pictoplasma Festival


October 2017 - Solo exhibition with Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac (Talence/Bordeaux, France)


December 2016 - Live urban art performance & exhibition for Cultura's flagship store re-opening (Bordeaux)


October 2016 - 3rd Prize at national group exhibition & urban art contest Les Vibrations Urbaines (Pessac, France)


September 2016 - Charity illustration for an association of Israeli and Palestinian lawyers working for local peace, 

               exhibited in the headquarters of the International Bar Association (Washington D.C.) and CEELI Institute (Prague)


May 2016 - Sculpture/installation for the Pictoplasma group exhibition in Urban Spree (Berlin)


March 2016 - Group show at the Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez's Grand Prix, Hôtel Labottière (Bordeaux)

October 2015 - National group show and contest of urban art,  Les Vibrations Urbaines de Pessac


June 2015 - Jury Special Prize in a 24 hours analog photo marathon contest (Labo Révélateur d'Images, Bordeaux),
                         team work with the Midnighters involving illustration in the process.


January - March 2015 - Solo exhibition at Vinyl, Bordeaux, France (illustrations & paintings)


December 2014 - Live painting performance at an event organized by Happe:n, Bordeaux (France)


June 2014 - 4 photos awarded in a 24h photo marathon contest (Labo Révélateur d'Images, Bordeaux), team work

April 2014 - Collective polaroid exhibition at La Halle des Chartrons, Bordeaux, France (Expolaroid)


April 2013 - Collective polaroid exhibition at CCAS, Bordeaux, France (Expolaroid)


September 2012 - Collective urbex photography exhibition at La Halle des Douves, Bordeaux, France


September 2011 - Solo photo/photomontage exhibition, Galerie Oujopo (Lyon, France)
                                 (surreal photomontages & photos of Japan)

Commercial (selection)

September 2022 - NFT design with Messari (New York)

2021-2022 - Art direction + art with Dreame for The Big Dream (world + International Space Station)


October 2021 - Editorial NFTs for crypto analysts at Messari  (USA)


August 2020 - Graffiti in augmented reality for Places Festival  (Gelsenkirchen, Germany)


March 2020 - Wine label design (Périgord)


December 2019 - Illustration for Google For Start-ups (World)

November 2019 - Art residency/workshop leader at Tumo Center, illustration / character design / synaesthetic workshops

                                (Yerevan, Armenia)


November 2018 - Dream journal cover art for Paypal Tel-Aviv


September 2018 - Collaboration with Disney France for Mickey's 90th birthday


January 2018 - Craft beer design for Collective Arts Brewing in Toronto (Canada)

December 2017- Live Augmented GIFs with Diesel (Lyon, Lille, Bordeaux - France)

June 2017 - eBook cover for a speculative fiction short novel by David Michael Miller (New York)

April 2017 - Official illustration for the 20 years of a French national urban culture festival, Les Vibrations Urbaines


November 2016 - 3D printed trophies for the French Department of la Gironde (Bordeaux), awarding sustainable projects


May 2016 - Live Animated GIFs for Diesel France at their flagship store in Paris


April 2016 -  Live Animated GIFs for Diesel France in Bordeaux

August 2015 - Illustration for Google For Entrepeneurs' HQ
                        - Illustration  (advertising) with Sferiq (Russia)
July 2015 - Illustration for Noisey (Vice Magazine's music news)  


April 2015 - Digital collectibles artist for NeonMob under the art direction of Chris Messina (San Francisco)

October 2014 - Collaboration on illustrated Swiss Army knives (Great Britain)


July 2013 - Digital collectibles artist for NeonMob under the art direction of Chris Messina (San Francisco)

March 2013 - Illustrator and photographer for La Semaine Digitale de Bordeaux (one week of digital-focused events)


2007-2008 - Volunteer art director, illustrator, graphic designer, photographer and co-organiser of a French music festival

Press, Publications & Featurings (selection)

January 2024 - Art featured in a documentary on NFTs (Arte)

November 2023 - featured in New Society's Web 3 Creator Edition book
                               - featured in Seattle NFT Museum's Artist Calendar 2024

September 2023 -
Conference speaker on my career & digital art / NFTs (Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez, Bordeaux)


April 2023 - Interview by LIT

November 2022 - Conference speaker at Château Pape Clément NFT (Pessac)
                                - Conference speaker at NFT London  (London)

July 2022 - Conference speaker at NFT Impact (Paris)


May 2022 - Conference speaker at Urban Art Fair "Street Art & the Metaverse" (Paris)
                      - Conference speaker at an introductory talk on NFTs  (Bordeaux, France)

2021-2022 - interviews by NFT Morning (John Karp & Rémy Peretz)

April 2022  - Conference speaker at the Non-Fungible Conference  (Lisbon)


March 2021 - Interviewed by Creator Collection on SuperRare (SuperRare's editorial blog and front page)

February 2021 - Interview + AMA by Les Collectionneurs


October 2019 - Interview, Feather webzine (France)


July 2019 - An international stickerbook I created, Stickélium, is released by Stickermag (Dresden, Germany)


March 2019 - Featured in Behance (Adobe)'s Illustration curated online gallery


December 2018 - Video report on my augmented reality and 3D printed street art, on French TV


April 2018 - Featured in "Best 200 Illustrators Worldwide 2018" published by Lürzer's Archive (Vienna, Austria)


November 2017 - Illustration selected and printed by A2letter (Switzerland)


May 2016 - A character illustration featured in the game The Doppelgänger
                  - Sticker designs featured in Stickerbomb 3 (Laurence King Publishing - London/ The SRK - Bangkok)


February 2016 - Art direction, cover design and illustration of a stickerbook with my international collective


December 2015 - Stickers published in Stickermag #9 (Germany)


November 2015 - Puche And The Five Seasons, a picture book for children


October 2014 - Interview by The SRK/Stickerbomb


August 2014 - Sticker design featured in the SRK's Stickerbomb Skull sticker book (Laurence King Publishing, London)

                        - Featured artist on the Inkygoodness blog

April 2014  -  Character design project featured in Character Design Served (Behance/Adobe)


October 2013 - Sticker design published in the SRK's Stickerbomb XL sticker book
                             (Laurence King Publishing, London)


September 2009 - Photos of Japan featured in Photography Served (Behance/Adobe)

Press Links

About Jæn

- General Cryptoart / NFTs interview on NFT Culture

- Crypto Art project about blockchain mythology of Ethereum's Burn Address / Vertical Crypto Art

- From the Flemish Renaissance to the Digital Renaissance / SuperRare

- Interview at the EthCC Exhibition in French - Podcast by NFTMorning

- Crypto Artist Profile / Creator Collection

- Dreamy NFT series / KnownOrigin

- Quantum Crypto Art Drop / Creator Collection

- AMA video interview in French about crypto art debut / Les Collectionneurs

- Video Interview about 3D Printing and Augmented Reality in street art (French & English)

- Exposition CAPC Musée d'Art Contemporain de Bordeaux (French - Contemporary Art Museum Exhibition)

- Artist Interview / Feather Webzine (French)

- Mushroom Illustrated Book on crowdfunding (French Newspaper Sud-Ouest)

- The Precursors of Digital Collectibles - Before NFTs and blockchains / Neonmob

- Artist Feature / InkyGoodness

French Newspapers Sud-Ouest

By Jæn

- Interviewing crypto art project founder & collector CC AKA Creator Collection

- Interviewing artist Burak Şentürk

- Interviewing Async Art about programmable and autonomous art / Vertical Crypto Art

- Interviewing Kibø about his crypto art project The Paradox Collection / Vertical Crypto Art

- Crypto Art project about blockchain mythology of Ethereum's Burn Address / Vertical Crypto Art

- Metaverse Architecture: Beyond Skeuomorphism / Tara Digital Collective

- Crypto Art project / Tara Digital Collective

Press excerpts from French newspaper Sud-Ouest.
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