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> What Is Art?

Is AI-generated art, art?
Can a simple pixel be art?
Can a shapeless concept be art?
Can a single colour be art?
What is the relationship between art, ownership and copyright?
Is a remake, art?
What is art without an artist?
Are memes art?
Are rights to the art, part of the art?
What is the line between a piece of art and a collectible?
Is destroying culture art?
Can found objects be art?
Is code art?


Is this art?

let Sound = on ;

Collect the interactive NFT


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< The Anon Collector

You're carving a shadow, anon. You're shaping a story with the finds of your diamond nose.

     The fascinating and elusive figure of blockchain mythology, of whom you can only see the taste, becomes CC0 (public domain), interactive and shapeshifts through different concepts, tastes and techniques with the collaboration of collector-artists Arcanus, Basseado, Crash Blossom, Eclectic Method, Ellii, ExpressoMartini, GŁOWA, Harto, Jeff Betts, Kaprekar, Kibø, Magusz, Maximus Dec Mer, Moncha, Mr Richi, MrC, Nikolina Petolas, NONE32X32, Pierre Pauze, Popeye Pazuru, Riccoo and Samira Ingold AKA Ra:in.

Touch the diamond nose and watch the Anon Collector cycle through their multifaceted art taste.

Exclusive to collectors of "What Is Art?"

Collect the interactive NFT

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Le Nouveau-Né Numérique

       A digital, AI-fueled, audiovisual & interactive take on Brâncusi's

Le Nouveau-Né (the Newborn).

     Once loaded, touch the black screen, and see the Newborn go from a warm and loved place to a colder, glitchier state. The viewer needs to touch the Newborn for more than 5 seconds to make it go back to its initial loved place.

Probably influenced by spending the first days of my life in an incubator.

This piece was made as part of the HOMAGE exhibition, exhibited in the Constantin Brâncusi Center, Craiova Art Museum, Romania, and then in New York (Lume Studios). The exhibition was created by ArtBees and Accelerate Art, and curated by None32x32 and Claire Silver

The piece will be donated to the Craiova Art Museum when they create a wallet.

Interactive version

Video interactivity is occasionally lagging and freezing, which can be fixed by either reloading or holding the click longer, several times if needed.

let Sound = on ;

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</ Study For
A Left CLick

An interactive contemporary take on "Study for Left Hand" by a student of School of Ludovico Gallina, 1779, part of the Sheptytsky Museum in Ukraine.

Replacing the hand by the iconic mouse pointer icon, remade pixel by pixel, following the iconic design of the Windows 98 cursor. The pointer is our first avatar in this new digital realm we have created. Through this primordial tool, we can touch digital objects. Here, the work invites you to grab the icon itself, storing the integrity of this early-days experience by changing your own pointer and delivering the original click sound. You can grab it, but it's a distant feeling. The artwork is this feeling - the gap between your hand the digital world.



It was made for a of charity event to fund the restoration of the Chernihiv Regional Art Museum and Kharkiv Art Museum, severely damaged by the war, organised by Eleonora Brizi.

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