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     Over the years, I developed a surreal, psychedelic and dreamy style influenced by Moebius, a love for the exploration of colours that is best done through digital means, and an early habit of lucid dreaming. Artists like James Jean and the freedom of the cryptoart scene helped me develop this as art, and not just illustrations. I eventually began to animate them, mix them with my own sound design and music composition passion, and some tasty textures.

   Many of these works are available on SuperRare as NFTs, and have been exhibited worldwide, from the giant screens of Times Square, to the Pictoplasma Festival in Berlin, to Tôkyô, to being published in "Best Illustrators Worldwide 2018" and traveling on the art + craft beer project of Collective Arts in Canada.

Above, the series Chief Happiness Officer, tackling toxic positivity with a passive-agressive humour. Featured on Hic Et Nunc's Instagram and Objkt's front page.

     This style is often a sum of aesthetics and concept processing that facilitates going more personal and emotional, yet its capacity for going crazy makes it a great tool to make fun of more political subjects.


     Below are two dynamic pieces of digital art using the creativity offered by Async Art: Flux evokes the ability to change your perspective even if it means going off the beaten path and changes whether it's day, dusk, night or dawn, and the visual palyndrome loopqool, symbolising fashion as something you do for yourself, and it changes shoes every hour on a clock cycle, so if you know the piece by heart you can see what time it is just by looking at it.

     This is Memento Vivere, a gigantic piece first meant for poster street art, to then become a NFT on SuperRare. It speaks about life feeding death feeding life, and was exhibited in many places around the world.


     0nir0 is a shared dreamworld, a narrative project first meant as a board game, then becoming a sort of early PFP project allowing collectors to play a role before Bored Apes existed. Dreamers try to go on a self-discovery trip in the land of dreams, trying to discover who they are, becoming closer to the godlike lucid dreamer. It starts with remembering asleep what they like or hate. Distribution mechanics served the storytelling - the Giver were only given for free and the only Giver who gave their NFT to charity received a unique upgraded Giver as a surprise, Merchants had to be traded, Daredevils were dared to destroy their NFTs not knowing what for, the Explorers had to solve a cross-chain puzzle and find something hidden on another blockchain, the Lone-Wolf co-wrote a whole story with me, etc.

    After the intial characters (Psyches), strange creatures native to dreams emerged, offering me to collab with a couple artists (Samira Ingold and Burak Sentürk).  A big collaborative series with the artist KidEight also happened (the strange cherub with a ski mask).

     But what would be 0nir0 if there was no dreamscape? 113 randomised generative dreams were minted on Async (now also indexed on SuperRare), each combining different symbols to weave a different story. I gave dream reading sessions on Twitter for most mints, building a unique and intimate relationship between each collector and their dream.

     One of the most important pieces of cryptoart and one of the first I saw is the First Supper on Async, gathering many pioneers to build together a common artwork, collectively owned as well, of which the collector of one part or another can change their variations, the final result being the sum of everyone's choices.

     In 2023, Async did a sequel to introduce a new dynamic and interactive format that is extremely powerful and flexible - Dynamic Blueprints. This time, I joined this genesis project, the Forever Supper, with my own set of elements you can combine with other legendary cryptoartists to create your own unique version. My set is a sort of 0nir0 spin-off called the Palace of Electric Dreams.


     These 2 GIFs, StareCase (exhibited in Lisbon and Berlin) and All The Feels,   were my first forray into frame-by-frame animation, and finding their charm intact I minted them on SuperRare when I had found in NFTs finally a place where GIFs were valued as an art medium.


Other explorations of feminine themes - body positivity with the "III Graces", masculine toxicity, and psychedelic sexuality.

These pieces explored a new substyle, "Bonebreathing", made of silhouette shadow and bone structures and speak about corporeality.

The only thing I ever did that can be filed as a fan art, after Yoshitaka Amano's art for Final Fantasy, but taking on other influences such as Gaudi's architecture.

Enough colours for you today, finishing with my first psychædelight, the oldie goldie "Psycake".

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