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     An acrylic triptych on salvaged wooden shelves, 2019.

     Exploring cycles of life and death, dreaming and walking the path to dreams coming true in surreal psychedelic flavours.

I created this new style of out of the blue in 2014, as I wanted something

freer and more colourful.

The "paint blobs" that make the basic elements of these paintings are more than just molecules of paint, I feel them as if they were carrying emotions and vibrating with energy, so I fused "synergy" and "molecular" into "synecular" to have a better word to describe them.

It is as if you took one's body with all its energies and emotions, and you turned it inside out and look at everything with what was inside.

     In 2020, I added a layer of augmented reality to these paintings, to embody in a more concrete way the vibrations and erratic nature of these visions.


     The second phase I painted around 2018 differed from the original superflat flavour by adding shadows and highlights, as well as stronger colours and varying elements in the background. The first phase was about emotions and the inner world in which they dwell, and these new works, while keeping in line with this, include wider and more complex narratives, including science.


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